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Mobile Discos for 18th Birthday Parties
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There are Thousands of people who call themselves DJ, the truth is the vast majority are really only bedroom DJs, people who practice at home without ever working in front of a real audience. The reason is that the DJ industry is seen as a lure to young people, it provides an impression of glamour and the promise of big money to be made. The truth is, its a job of work thats very hard both mentally and physically and most DJs don't cut the mustard. To be any good as a DJ it takes natural talent and years of experience at all kinds of parties with people of all ages and social backgrounds. Most bedroom DJ will be charge cheap rates because the service they offer will be rubbish. The reason why there is so much cheap second hand mobile disco equipment available on Ebay is that many new DJs do a few gigs which go badly and give up. If you want the cheapest mobile disco available and don't mind being disappointed a cheap bedroom DJ will be what you are looking for.

However If you want your party to be remembered for all the right reasons, be prepared to pay a small amount extra and hire party professionals. Pro Mobile Disco has the skilled party DJs that can help turn your occasion into a super special celebration. We do this by first asking what you like, and then we consider the type of occasion, if its your 18th birthday party don't expect to hear much 60's, 70's or 80's music unless you ask for it. The other main thing we do takes place on the night and that's read the crowd. This takes years of experience and this ability is the difference between someone who plays records at parties and a professional DJ. For instance if it is an 18th party and the crowd is mostly of the same age its not a case of just playing current music, the dj needs to hone this down to preferred styles. Noticing if the latest R&B track is more popular than the latest indie sound is a rough example, however its never like that. There is always a mix of ages and peoples taste in music will always depend on their mood. There will be those that hate R&B and those that hate indie so finding that bit in the middle that everyone loves is the hard bit and this can ever only be judged on the night.

Every DJ everywhere will claim to be brilliant so how can you tell?

Here are some of the points that make Pro Mobile Disco Different

  • Very Experienced party DJs
  • Vast selection of music from all styles and DJs who know the music
  • 100% reliability record
  • All occasions catered for
  • Friendly and professional service from start to finish
  • Mobile Disco equipment includes top quality sound and light systems
  • DJs who can read the crowd
  • We are highly recommended by our previous clients
  • Equipment is pat tested and serviced
  • Every thing is confirmed in writing

We have lots of letters of recommendation and always know how to get the party started.
0208 367 5217 07746 391061

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