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Tips on DJ Hire

Most people around the age of 18 will known, or have a friend of a friend that is a DJ. Many people ask this person to be their 18th birthday party DJ. By far the largest number of last minute panic phone calls we receive are from people who have asked this so called friend to DJ at their party and the DJ has decided to be elsewhere on the night. We always suggest no matter what party you are having or which ever DJ service you use it should never be arranged as a gentlemen's agreement. A binding written contract is a must.

Its also very important to have a land line telephone number of the Mobile Disco and not just a mobile number. If it all goes wrong you will need this contact the DJ when the mobile suddenly gets disconnected. DJs may claim to be reliable but its your big event so you need to be sure you can contact the DJ at any time.

If you book a mobile DJ well in advance its a good idea to stay in contact. It could ruin your party if you find out at the last minute that your DJ packed it all in 6 months ago etc.

If something unplanned does happen on the way to the event or the DJ is late arriving its best to ensure you have a Mobile number for the DJ and that the DJ has yours. At least you can find out if there are any last minute complications fast.

If you are booking a DJ via a large Mobile Disco company with lots of references check that these references actually apply to the DJ you are sent on the night.

Check you DJ is using PAT checked mobile Disco equipment. It is a requirement of most venues that the DJ's equipment is safe to use and has current PAT cert. Although some venues are stricter at checking than others, it will be a disaster if your DJ is turned away because there is not a PAT sticker on each piece of mobile disco equipment used confirming this annual test.

If the DJs equipment is faulty and causes injury or damage to property and has no insurance as hirer you may be responsible. Its essential your DJ should has adequate public liability insurance.

Never book a DJ that is not willing to take requests. Basically there are two types of 18th birthday party. The first is one that include's friends and family of all ages. The second includes Just friends of the same age. The DJ should be playing a different music mix depending on the situation. At a 18th birthday party that includes many family members the DJ should play more classic tracks than current chart hits, whereas if its mostly friends of the same age its best to make the the music selection much more contemporary. We suggest a brief list of favourite requests will help the Dj hone in on the preferred music styles. A list of about 20 tracks is perfect.

0208 367 5217 07746 391061
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